Ugandan Local Drama dubbed The Secret airs at 8:55 PM on Makula TV

Ugandan Local Drama dubbed The Secret airs at 8:55 PM on Makula TV

Big stars from different prominent drama groups in the country came together under the umbrella of “Maphi” to serve Makula TV viewers with a captivating family drama series named The Secret.

This drama will be airing Monday to Friday at 8:55 PM, the drama features Lady Titi, Phiphi the Queen, Aisha Kyomuhangi, Jean Nakacwa, and Faizal Katumba among others.

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The Secret is the 6th local drama series to air on Makula TV after The Waiter, Donabella, Nsobedwa and the just-ended Aromatic Production titled The Climax. Missing non-stop series on Makula TV, get yourself a StarTimes antenna decoder at only UGX 33,500. Dish full kit at UGX 89,000/-, decoder comes with 1 month of premium bouquet free.

Two friends Mr. Sebudde 48 years old and Mr. Mulinde 49 years old decided to work together open up a company. Mr. Sebudde had a silent partner who he shares with. The partner is Mr. Mpiima junior Douglas the son of Mr.Mpiima senior 65 years old.

Mr. Sebudde’s wife Lala Sebudde 40 years old is an accountant Lala was unfaithful in her marriage. She is dating young guys using the company money to satisfy her lovers’ needs. Lala happens to be dating Mulinde’s son; a friend to the husband. The son’s mother finds out that her son spends nights outside their home.

What happens?
The company performance was deteriorating. The shareholders on both sides were dishonest.

What happens when all shareholders got to know all the scandals? And what happens to the family as they work together?
On the other side Mr.Kayongo molests his daughter while the mother was away on a business trip. The girls get pregnant. Who us the father?

The series of secrets after secrets become the trend; Death threats become part of the complication.

Abortion is not an option. How is this resolved?

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