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Uganda Youth Convention UK to enlighten youths on gang related violent crimes

The forthcoming Uganda Youth Convention UK 2018 will discuss in depth effects of Gang related crimes globally especially in Uganda and United Kingdom (UK).

The intensities of gang-related violent crimes, including murder, rape, gun and knife offences are on the sharp increase in the United Kingdom, especially among the ethnic minority groups including many Ugandans.

This is because gang members are becoming more ruthless in their attempts to gain financial power, belongingness, keep control of their territory, revenge, punish those who refuse to be recruited or leaving the gangs, punishing family members and sadly in the midst of the above many innocent lives.

On the other hand in Uganda, there is a new trend of gang-related violate crimes carried out by Machete-wielding gangs terrorising communities; they kidnap innocent people,  use pangas, iron slabs, nails on wood objects, and significant blades.

They murder their victims, steal their money and movable property, and rape the women and girls. A recognised number of the youth in the above communities are facing various problems like financial, employment, dysfunctional families, mental health, and rejection among others thus making them vulnerable to be the target by gang members for recruitment.

The effects of gang crimes are experienced by the victims, perpetrators, families, communities and the government. Every year a large number of families travel from the UK and other countries to Uganda for various reasons, at the same time Ugandans visit the UK thus making them potential victims of the consequences of gang-related crimes in either of the countries at some point. Therefore the Uganda Youth convention UK 2018 is aiming at transforming communities by addressing the issue of gang-related crimes in an open, non-judgmental, broad-based, interactive and inclusive way.

The workshop will be facilitated by those directly or indirectly affected by gang crimes and those working to eliminate gang crimes.

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