Uganda Youth Convention UK set for May

Uganda Youth Convention UK set for May

Preparations for Uganda Youth Convention UK are in high spirits as organisers revealed to us that all is set for the event. The convention will take place on 26th May 2018 at Royal Regency Hall, Manor Park in London. Registration for those who want to attend is ongoing on the convention website. The convention is aimed at empowering the youth, promoting education as well as supporting rights and well being of the youth.

Registration is on going now through their website

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What you need to know about the convention?

The UK Uganda Youth Convention 2018 is a unique grass-root organization in the diaspora that will promote education, empowering the youth, women and supporting to promote the rights and well-being of the young, youth especially those who lack awareness in different ways.

The overall concern is the increasing number of problems and needs among the entire community; bearing in mind that the youth rights, vision and aspiration as well as the challenges facing them. The issue is how best the primary role of a parent can be able to help and support this stage in a youth’s growth.

Problem Statement

Most youth have had a lot of encounters in different fields of life and because of this it needs to be a shared experience.


Young to youth will enjoy the full mandate of the people in this area. The program if sanctioned by the community will facilitate and steer the campaign of Youth awareness. A management committee of the project shall be elected to oversee the community’s efforts towards their goal.


To establish a long term support for the young youth to ensuring a bright future through educational support, life skills, training, and generally the whole virtue of Awareness –our mission to make the young and youth pass through their whole life living a life time of opportunities.


To provide informal and life skills education to the young and youth through the ONE STOP CENTRE and acquire the necessary support needed in their adult life.

To increase awareness through increased sensitization, and awareness. Campaigns like workshops, conferences, Youth camps, conventions, seminars, will have a lot of impact on the same.

To work hand in hand with the government policies, schools, NGOs plus other organizations in effort to ensure a bright future for the needy young and youth through educational support in Uganda and the diaspora.


Awareness drive- through activities like public sensitization (showing educative movies, printing educative magazines, leaflets, catalogues,) Drama, this has a very big impact on the lives of the young and youth, in other words it will forecast an insight on the truth about how the young and the youth should lead their lives in order to move positively well ahead.

Run workshops, conventions, seminars, rallies, Sports competitions, music. Dance and drama, exposure journeys/trips, campaigns, and community support.

Provide counselling support services to the young youth from the diaspora community.

Holiday youth camp (Young to youth holiday camp) where the youth will stay for holidays and be taught a lot of activities like sports, vocational studies. Computer literacy, and various camping and other domestic chores. Under the supervision of professional Young to youth staff.

Training the locals to be community oriented so that they are able to become trainers of trainers.

Reaching out to the young and the youth, knowing them in case studies, having interest in them, listening to them and making them optimistic and realistic of their future through equipping them with ideologies, and real life direction. Through live dialogues, debates, questionnaires, tests, and camp activities.

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