Uganda Waragi throws First UG Mix Maestro House Party

Uganda Waragi throws First UG Mix Maestro House Party

On Saturday night, Jean Biryahwaho Nzonzi had the time of her life as she hosted the UG Mix Maestro at her home, fully sponsored by Uganda Waragi. Jean participated in one of the ongoing UG Mix Maestro challenges on social media, emerging winner and earning herself the fully sponsored party.

Uganda Waragi’s Mix Maestro is underway in all regions in Uganda for the next three months, and will feature activities like bar activations, in-store promotional offers, 9 more house parties and regional tours. The three month long UG Mix Maestro campaign, which is running in partnership with the DJ Association of Uganda, is seeking to recognize and celebrate deejay talent across the country.

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Surrounded by well-clad friends, the house party was a very exciting affair that went on till dawn. DJ Spinman who took charge of the turntables all night, showed off his talent and kept his energetic audience on their feet throughout his time at the discs.

Saturday evening’s highlight was that the guests had a chance to stand behind the bar and mix their own cocktail serves, which flowed throughout the night.

To win yourself a UG Mix Maestro house-party, participate in the ongoing social media challenge by posting a picture of yourself with any Uganda Waragi bottle in the quantities of 250ml, 350ml and 750ml and attach the hashtag #UgMixParty. The post with the most likes will be winning one of the remaining 9 house parties.

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