Uganda Waragi Eyes 2016 Cocktail Week

Uganda Waragi Eyes 2016 Cocktail Week

Uganda Waragi has given its consumers more reason to look forward to the highly anticipated Kampala Cocktail Week slated for December 1 – 10, 2016.

During the just conclude 14th edition of Blankets and Wine Kampala, Uganda Waragi served exotic cocktails of its Coconut flavored variant to consumers who accessed its tent.

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Rhona Namanya, the Uganda Waragi Brand Manager intimated that the servings at Blankets and Wine were only a pre-cursor to what consumers should expect during the Kampala Cocktail Week.

“We are looking forward to giving our consumers the best cocktail experience come December. Uganda Waragi’s Coconut flavor gives us the luxury to explore more cocktail servings and today we are sharing some of these here,” said Namanya.


The Uganda Waragi tent had a special booth that elaborately displayed the new Uganda Waragi Coconut bottle as well as a selection of crafty drinks and also availed information on the 2016 edition of the Kampala Cocktail Week.


This year, organizers plan to make the event bigger with participating outlets doubled from 15 to 30. The focus of this year’s cocktail week and menus will be on ‘Craft Bartending.’ Craft Bartending is where mixologists eradicate and replace the ‘industrial-made premix packaged stuff’ and artificial colorants with fresh market produce such as locally sourced and freshly squeezed fruit juices, fresh herbs like mint, fresh spices like ginger and cinnamon, house syrups, bitters among others.


According to Philip Kalibwani, one of the organizers of the Kampala Cocktail week, Craft Bartending involves more care. It cares that the right ice is used (fully clear ice) and that the right glassware is used for the flavour of the drink to come out.

“The process of making craft cocktails is a lot like that of the artisan food movement and fine dining. It focuses on flavor, high quality ingredients and taking your time in order to do those ingredients justice,” Kalibwani noted.


In order to enable Ugandans enjoy their Uganda Waragi, the brand has not only innovated new flavors of Coconut and Coffee, it has also created signature cocktails to elevate the drinking experience.


“Our ambition is to deliver an experience that our consumers will live to remember. Under our Diageo Master Bar Academy Program, several bartenders and bar owners have already been trained to deliver cocktail recipes that will satisfy our consumers,” states Namanya.

Uganda Waragi continues to urge its consumers to partake in responsible drinking practices.


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