Uganda Waragi Coconut Robs Show at Blankets & Wines as Ugandan Babes Go Loco For Coco

Uganda Waragi Coconut Robs Show at Blankets & Wines as Ugandan Babes Go Loco For Coco

Loco is the Spanish word for Crazy and or frenzied and indeed Ugandans did go Loco4Coco.

The Uganda Waragi Pop-up Beach was arguably the most outstanding tent at the just ended Blankets & Wine Edition. The concept which debuted at the last Blankets and wines has also taken Kampala by storm, clearly setting apart UG Waragi Coconut as a unique brand.

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The concept, we are told is the brainchild of Rhona Namanya, the Head of Innovations at UBL working together with Phillip Kalibwani of THE PEARL GUIDE (U) LTD.

It is such ingenuity that has made UG Coco an instant hit- right from the time it was rolled onto the market, making it the new Craze in town, with a cult like following. Popular for its smooth coconut taste that goes down easy, it has found popularity amongst gin & whisky lovers alike.

UG Coco has also ushered in a Cocktail revolution with many bars and bartenders, inventing their own inhouse Cocktails.

At the Blankets and Wines, the most trending UG Coco-based cocktails were:

Mango Unchained – and infusion of UG Coco, Fresh Mango Juice, Passion Puree, Lemon, Sugar and Garnished with a passion Fruit

BEET Around the Bush: UG Coco combined with fresh Pineapple juice, Beetroot Mix, Lemon, Sugar & Garnished with a Pineapple Leaf.

Celebrities like Stellah Nantumbwe aka Ellah an actor and former Big Brother Representative as well as RadioCity’s Deedan were some of the celebrities seen at the UG Coconut Beach.

Fans also took to social media to show off their UG Coconut.

The UG Coconut beach remained open into late in the night.

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