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Uganda Investment Authority at the centre of positive industrial change

The Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) Ag Director General, Mr. Lawrence Byensi is spearheading the authority that is changing the face of Uganda’s economy and engineering industrial revolution.

There is a positive industrial change taking place in Uganda and Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) is at its centre. The three industrial parks in Kampala (Namanve, Bweyogerere and Luzira) are up and running, well facilitated by UIA. The parks have also attracted many other factories on private land, but all serviced by UIA. The new UIA Board of Directors, headed by Dr Emely Kugonza, recently toured the UIA-operated industrial parks to assess, first-hand, the developments going on. They visited Namanve, Bweyogerere and Luzira, and were quite impressed with the progress.

“If there is one thing UIA has not done well it is publicizing its significant achievements, especially in the development of industrial parks in Uganda,” Board members said.

There are 38 Investment projects (read factories) now operational at Kampala Industrial and Business Park, popularly known as Namanve and 99 are in development stage, like Mukwano Industries. The products being produced Namanve range from steel products to truck and bus assembling – yes MAN truck and bus assembling, and much more like blankets, gas cylinders. In a few years, the Namanve Park will be a sight to behold. The blankets are made from recycled plastic bottles and wool, then sold locally and regionally.

Upcountry Industrial parks

After the leap of disarmament in Karamoja, dawn of economic liberation is at hand. There are 417 acres of planned Karamoja Industrial and Business Park land under stewardship of Uganda Investment Authority. Those in need of land for investments, go and invest.

Kiira Motors assembly plant is taking shape in Jinja Industrial & Business Park. Board of UIA visited the site recently to assess progress & listen to men & women on ground. It is expected to assemble 150,000 vehicles per year. 140 community jobs already on the site. 150 companies, some in Katwe to manufacture parts.

Soroti Industrial and Business Park now has its flagship project – the Soroti Fruit Factory – which produces Orange and Mango juices, amongst others. The park is operated by UIA, which gave land to Uganda Development Corporation to set up the factory. The Directors of the UIA Board and top managers visited the park and met managers of the fruit factory led by chief executive Douglas Ndawula (including having sips of the juices produced).

The UIA team was led by the Chair of the Board, Dr Emely Kugonza, and comprised members Naima Obombasa, Morrison Rwakakamba, Fred Opolot and Dr Joshua Mutambi. Thereafter, the team also paid a courtesy call on the Soroti District Chairperson, Girigori Mikairi Egunyu, and the Resident District Commissioner, William Atukei. Of all industrial parks operated by UIA, Soroti has the least cases of land conflicts, according to UIA Ag Director General, Mr. Lawrence Byensi. Kudos to Soroti.

Luzira Industrial and Business Park, operated by UIA, is now fully operational, with the signature project being Quality Chemicals-Cipla, as well as others like Graphic Systems and Oryx Petroleum. The park is fully serviced by UIA and has since attracted many other projects, adjacent to the park, including a Scania plant and warehousing. The new Board of Directors of UIA, led by Dr Emely Kugonza and UIA top managers visited the park to appreciate the goings on. They visited an electricity sub-station and Graphic Systems, which makes packaging products, branded clothing, product labels, envelopes, etc. Many labels on popular products on supermarket shelves are actually made in the Luzira Park.

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