Uganda Insurers Association to launch Consumer Awareness Campaign

The umbrella organization for all the insurance companies in Uganda, Uganda Insurers Association (UIA), announced that it will launch a yearlong consumer awareness campaign this month.

The campaign will primarily focus on the basic principles of insurance, the available products, the claims (compensation) process and who to speak to if a policyholder is dissatisfied with the services of an insurer.

Ms. Miriam Magala-CEO, Uganda Insurers Association
Ms. Miriam Magala-CEO, Uganda Insurers Association

“To start with, we will focus on four main product areas- Motor, Agriculture , Life and Workers Compensation Insurance as these are the most relatable products on the market, but very few people understand these products and the benefits, ” said Ms. Miriam Magala, Chief Executive Officer, Uganda Insurers Association.

“Our surveys have established that the word”insurance” still carries a negative connotation. When people hear the word insurance, they generally associate this with an accident, disaster, or catastrophe- yet that isn’t what insurance is about. The public is also skeptic as to payment of claims by insurance companies. The campaign is accordingly targeted at creating an understanding of what insurance is and how insurers can be of service to the public. Our intention is to engage and start the conversation on how insurance can offer protection to an individual, his or her family or to a business and how the claims process works, “said Mr. Deepak Pandey, Chairman, UIA at their offices in Kololo.

“The information generated throughout the campaign will be simplified, highly visible, and in different languages across various platforms,” added Ms. Miriam Magala, Chief Executive Officer, UIA.

Uganda Insurers Association currently has a membership of 8 Life insurance companies,21 General insurance companies and 1 Reinsurance company. The Life and General insurance companies have an extensive country wide branch network.

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