Ugkop aides elderly home in Mukono

Official Liverpool Football Club (LFC) supporters in Uganda on Saturday 14th November 2015 visited the elderly community in Mukono district.

Under their Ugandan name Ugkop, the group visited elderly people who are helpless and really need a hand to survive in this world;

“The visit was very beneficial, we put smiles on elderly ladies we visited. We helped clean their homes, slashed their compounds, did laundry, fetched water and firewood and made them meals which we, by the way shared an act that put unforgettable smiles on their faces. At the center, we offered them GOTV decoder with 6 months subscription and sacks of sugar,” John Kimbe  President Ugkop who headed the group said.

UG Kops aides elderly home in Mukono

Ugkop members handing over sacks of sugar

The center Ugkop visited is located at Namubiru, Mukono district where its headquarters are  with a branch in Kabale, Western Uganda. They did this together with Reach One Touch One Ministries (ROTOM)

Besides supporting their club LFC, Ugkop participates in many community service events and projects to emulate their club’s slogan “YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE”.

“We believe that our next visit will be better and more of impact because we now know what they really need or lack such as blankets, bed sheets, carpets, fumigation and curtains,” John Kimbe added.

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