Two grenades thrown at Bobi Wine’s home in two days

Two grenades thrown at Bobi Wine’s home in two days

Singer turned politician Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has revealed that two grenades have exploded at his home in two days destroying property. While posting on his social media, Bobi Wine the grenades were thrown at his home in Gayaza although no one has been hurt. Police have not commented on the incident.

The MP is among the Members of Parliament who are opposed to the lifting of Presidential Age limit from the constitution to allow President Yoweri Museveni stand again in 2021. Below is the Kyadondo East MP statement on the matter;

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Bobi Wine said two grenades have been thrown at his home

Bobi Wine; GRENADES have for the second time in two days been thrown at my house and exploded. Property damaged and no one hurt! But what kind of country are we now living in?

I had decided to ignore the blasts and these threats, but it seems they are now getting real.

Let me announce to the whole world that these past days I have been receiving death threats on an almost daily basis. I have also been advised by some friends who know more than I know that I should be very careful what I eat or drink, how I drive and from where, whom I meet, even who touches me while I go to Parliament. Apparently something could be done to me during the kind of scuffle that happened when state agents invaded the Parliamentary chamber!

Reason? Opposing the removal of age limits in the Constitution! Anonymous calls targeting not only me but my family as well. I have been told that ‘if I don’t leave that thing a lone, I will just be terminated or disabled.’

These are cowardly acts which must be condemned by all people of good conscience. We are not involved in war. We are just citizens who are interested in a good country for ourselves and the generations to come. WE SHALL NOT BE INTIMIDATED. Let them know that NOTHING can stop an idea whose time has come. If you kill one me, perhaps a thousand more will rise up. The world is watching!

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