TV Star Sheila Gashumba Shines In New Photo Shoot

TV Star Sheila Gashumba Shines In New Photo Shoot

Fast rising TV star Sheila Gashumba is seen doing a 180 in her latest poses as she entered the New Year 2015 in style. The NTV Uganda’s  ‘The Beat’ co-presenter is one of the fastest rising Ugandan young television stars who has seen her career rise to stardom since the age of 9.IMG-20141230-WA0053
My dearly be-lusted killer Sheila Gashumba poses opened up the New Year with a delightful view of her magical thumper and all over hot body, showing the Ugandan models just how things are done in Kampala. If you’re not working out daily and blessed with the superior genes I’ve only read about in magazines, you might as well stay home in sweats.IMG-20141231-WA0010

This game separates the girls from the women. Sheila, I intend to make virtual love to your body throughout this year, hopefully in blissful matrimony, even understand that such a noteworthy oxymoron has never existed. This is a wonderful start to 2015. Enjoy.IMG-20141231-WA0013

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