Tusker Lite launches new expressive Turn On Your Lite campaign

Tusker Lite launches new expressive Turn On Your Lite campaign

Well-known for delivering the best “lit” experiences in the country, premium beer brand, Tusker Lite is once again liting up Uganda with a fresh new expressive campaign.

Dubbed ‘Turn On Your Lite,’ the campaign that was rolled out on Friday November 11, aims to celebrate what makes the brand’s consumers stand out.

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“The ‘Turn On Your Lite’ campaign is about those pioneering a lifestyle without limits, those breaking boundaries, breaking the norm, doing things differently and staying ahead of the game,” Prudence Vera Mutembei, the Tusker Lite Brand Representative speaks about the campaign.

The campaign will cast a spotlight on the unique and innovative minds that are non-conforming to the everyday standards and excelling while at it.

“It is a platform of self – expression and celebrates what makes our consumers ‘woke’. It is for the trendsetter, the creative or baller who is ahead of the game and refuses to be boxed in,” Mutembei adds.

“Tusker Lite wants to celebrate the spark within you. This is your revolution. Turn On Your Lite,” Mutembei says. As the campaign progresses, Tusker Lite will be hosting “lit” parties across the country.

However, Mutembei says that in the meantime, consumers can already be part of the revolution wherever they are.“You can “Turn On Your Lite” at your favourite hangout, on campus or at home and show off what makes you glow on your socials. We are excited to see the content from our neon-green army and will be following the action on social media. The hashtag is #Turnonyourlite,” Mutembei said.

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