Tusker Lite joins Kabagarame food festival set for this Saturday

Tusker Lite joins Kabagarame food festival set for this Saturday

Kampala life eaters are set to have a taste of Bushenyi’s famous Kabagarame in yet another Tusker Lite food festival dubbed Kabagarame –Kampala festival slated to take place on Saturday September 21st, 2019 at Naguru Hilltop Hotel.

Kabagarame literally means effects of food satisfaction; it is a famous food market in Bushenyi where people from all walks of life gather every weekend to enjoy uniquely prepared pork accompanied with either mingled millet (kalo) or mashed banana (Matooke) and cold Tusker Lite beers to quench their thirst.

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At the famous Kabagarame, dishes are prepared and served in a traditional setting with an attractive look and tasty appetites. On market day, the ethnic foods are accompanied by pork either fried or roasted.

Foods on display range from bitter, tangy to sweet delicacies. Only local and fresh spices are added. This imparts a special taste and renders the food healthy and hygienic hence its distinctive brand image that stands out from the rest of the food festivals on the market. When at the joint, using silverware when enjoying the meal is a taboo.

While addressing the press, one of the event organisers Owen Phillip Mwesigye said that the festival is born out of the desire to bring a cherished food experience and social networking closer to the city audience.

“It is an annual celebration packaged with food tourism, family and friend moments, the food is purely organic,” he said.

At only a fee of only Shs10,000, one will get chance to access Hilltop Hotel Naguru this Saturday and get a chance of having a ‘memorable’ organic dish.

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