Tusiime Daphine shows off her Friday curvy figure

Tusiime Daphine shows off her Friday curvy figure

How do you even approach talking about the curvy queen Tusiime Daphine? She’s been the object of men’s desires for about two decades, and even now that she’s in the triple digits, she’s still wowing her fans with curvy social media pictures.

The charmed socialite has been a miss lately, but she found a recent resurgence thanks to her integral role in the #MeToo Internet sensation. Oh, you think Daphine has one of the best set of melons this side of the Kampala? #MeToo.

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Today we check out the curvestic action Daphine just delivered on Facebook, as well as a smattering of her other amazing cleavage and booty peeks. She accompanied them with these words “Feed yr own ego, am busy, my favorite day of the week is Friday”.

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