Tumukunde to investigate Busabala land wrangles

The Minister of National Security General Henry Tumukunde has continued to show his ability to sort out any insecurity in the country by intervening in Busabala Land wrangles. On Tuesday, he spent the whole day in Busabala over land wrangles that have raised alarms in the area.

Henry Tumukunde with Busabala locals on Tuesday
Henry Tumukunde (R) listening to complaints from Busabala locals on Tuesday

The no nonsense general has promised to investigate the matter starting with Buganda land board and said whoever is concerned will be apprehended.

Busabala residents listen to Tumukunde's remarks
Busabala residents listen to Tumukunde’s remarks

He again urged locals to work hard and earn a living to their families or else their wives will divorce them.

“Get down and work so hard to earn bread for your family or else those who have the bread will take over your wives,” Tumukunde said.

Locals have accused Ghetto singer Bobi Wine of chasing them from the land but the singer distanced himself from the matter saying he is innocent.

Bobi Wine has distanced himself from the matter
Bobi Wine has distanced himself from the matter

Other sources say it is Buganda Land Board because it previously warned the locals over the same land.

However, with the intervention of Gen. Henry Tumukunde, the matter looks set for a settlement.

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