Top 7 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss the NBS Housing Baraza this Thursday & Friday


Who wouldn’t want to own their dream home? No one, but sadly, the dream home often remains just a dream.

However, equipping yourself with the necessary knowledge about the real estate industry could be the step you didn’t know you needed to make that dream come true.

This year’s NBS Housing Baraza, organized by NBS Television (of course), is your opportunity to acquire all this knowledge free of charge. This will be the 2nd edition following a very successful well-attended pilot edition last year.

Here below are our Top 7 reasons why you can’t afford to miss out; why you just might need to ask for those two days off from work, or at least stream it while at work.

1. Help you set housing goals

Are you still not sure what your dream house is? Do you have multiple plans in mind but are not sure which one to go with? The NBS Housing Baraza will have several experts in the housing sector who will help guide you on your needs and what kind of house you will need to satisfy those needs.

2. Improve your knowledge of housing

How knowledgeable are you about Real Estate in Uganda and the World at large? The upcoming housing Baraza is an opportunity to boost your knowledge about the housing sector and its stakeholders. This way, you will know who to turn to when you are now ready to build or buy a house.

3. Get to know the people you need

Wondering who to go to when you want a plan drawn, or a budget for your homemade? The NBS Housing Baraza will feature stakeholders from all sectors in the real estate industry who can, in the future, be valuable contacts when you are planning to own a home.

4. Spot potential problems

No one wants to lose money to crooks in the quest to own their dream home. The experts at the NBS Housing Baraza will show you the red flags to look out for when looking for a house or an engineer for your housing project.

5. Provide pricing guidance

You wouldn’t want to be overpriced, would you? The information you will receive at the NBS Housing Baraza will guide you on the possible prices you can expect when buying building materials, hiring labor, among others.

6. Know the best marketing techniques

Are you an upcoming real estate agent? The NBS Housing Baraza will not leave you behind. Be sure to learn the best marketing strategies to boost your career as a real estate agent.

7. Save time

Just a few hours listening and learning from the experts at the NBS Housing Baraza will save you a lot of time that you would use in the hassle of getting your dream home. Learn the best practices about housing and work smart.

The 2nd edition of the NBS Housing Baraza will be held virtually under the theme, ‘Rethinking the Design of Affordable Housing.’ It will feature industry experts such as Andrew Maclean – a market and transformation consultant, Lew Schulman – Board Chairman iBuild Global Inc, Ronald Kaweesa of Property Technology Uganda. Heather Dodd, an Architect, will give a keynote speech at the event.

It will be live on NBS Television starting at 10 am on Thursday, 17th September, 2020, and Friday 18th September, 2020.


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