TNS’ Bridgette Shows Off Hot Body

Team No Sleep (TNS) Public Relation Officer, Bridgette Samuellz is surely having great time. The sexy babe posted a hot picture in bikini on her Facebook page as she cooled for off a hot afternoon on Thursday in a swimming pool.

Oh, Bridgette, don’t you cry for me. Please, allow me to cry for you.

I think you know of my lust for hot girls’ nekkid goodness. Now, the good folks at Showbiz Uganda are salivating about this sex-tastic girl pose.

This picture shows a bit of fine female form wonderment. Just looking at Bridgette makes me want to invent a potato dish I can bring to her mother to make her see what a thoughtful man I am. I’m like that, cunning.

Bridgette, I can only hope we get to see you in more, more, and more photo work soon. You’re enchanting. I say that as a man of great poetry. Enjoy.

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