Tips on how to improve your safety in bars and social gatherings

Tips on how to improve your safety in bars and social gatherings

A number of people have fallen victims of dragging and chloroform by strangers they turn into friends a few minutes after meeting them in hangouts and social gatherings. But all this can be avoided and today we tell you how you can.

There are a few tips that are always shared to improve your safety in bars and any social gatherings, but people always choose to be, well, people. Here they are;

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Go to a bar, take your drinks, and go home or wherever you are from as you came, alone or with whoever you came with. Stop tapping chics because they look good or have fat ass, you will be robbed clean.

Drink responsibly, almost every alcoholic drink has this warning, but none of us ever bother to read them. Only take what your body can ably handle. There will always be another day to drink.

Stop pulling out wands of cash in bars to clear your Bill’s or for whatever reason, DO NOT DO THIS, you are setting yourself up as a target. A bar has many people looking out for soft / sure targets, this stupid showy behaviour by mostly guys will get you killed. Carry just simple cash that you intend to drink, use mobile money payments, credit cards, etc. Stop enticing wrong elements with your wands of cash.

Leave the bar early enough, before 1am, there is still lots of people in the car parks, coming in or going to other bars, you will be less likely robbed when many people are around, this partying till morning nonsense is exposing you to many late night dangers.

Stop antagonising, abusing bar workers, waitresses, car park attendants, bouncers etc, whether sober or drunk. If you just abused the car park attendant as you entered the bar, it’s less likely that the same person will give a fcku when you come under any detriment, same applies to bouncers, waitresses, waiters, etc. Leave your arrogance at home, such people if treated with courtesy will be your first line of defence.

DO NOT LEAVE HALF DRINKS with even the people you call your friends when you go for short calls or even to answer calls, always finish your drinks before your breaks. The people you call your friends in bars are not your friends, they are just there for multiple reasons so be careful.

When you go to a bar, stay in one place, DO NOT MOVE from one corner to the other, ‘mbu’ meeting people, do what has brought you. The more you move around, the more you expose yourself to multiple groups of people some of whom may actually harm you.

There are lots of complicated drugs on the market that can be used on you, the least I have heard of in Kampala bars is the one that is applied on chic’s boobs and you see a hot chic, you get excited, drink lots, rub dub, then you propose to go to another bar, you reach your car, you start fondling and she gives you ‘nyunyu’, that will be the end of you. You will black out and she will even drive you properly, and no one will think otherwise since you left with her from the bar hands on her butt walking like you just hit a jackpot, a guy I know woke up at botanical beach naked yet he was last seen in Lugogo.

Men, take your wives out with you, those ones will protect your lives with all their lives…

As the bar owners also do their part to enforce better recruitment processes, train their workers, install cameras, etc, be the first line of your own defence.


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