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Tiktok King Mikeyseems2funny on how he joined Fenon Events

Many people will load their data bundles, run to Tittok and relieve some work or relationship stress by watching videos posted by Mikeyseems2funny.

When you all thought he is always waiting for you to go and watch his content, you are totally wrong. Mikeyseems2funny has a full time job at Fenon Events as the LED screens operator and he says he has been working at one of the leading Events Production companies in Uganda.

Micheal Sebamba alias Mickeyseems2funny says that he joined Fenon in 2011 not as an LED screens operator though. Mikey says that entering the gates at Fenon Events, he was taken there by a friend who used to work at the company to sell shoes to the employees of the company since at that time, Mikey was a stylist and was a shoe dealer. Once he got into Fenon, he didn’t sell shoes for a long time because he had started admiring the working environment at Fenon and the lifestyle the workers were living.

He then told his friend to link him up to Mr Steve Jean Serunkuma, the boss at Fenon and it was easy like that to become one of the employees of Fenon. Steve Jean sent him direct to the LED screens department but he was green about everything and besides fashion, he was experienced in Machine Fitting. After one year, Mikey was sent by Steve jean to china to study more about LED screens operating and fixing at Novastar and returned to Uganda as an expert and ever since then, he has never gone wrong with LED screens operations.

Mikey says his life changed when he met Steve Jean four years ago. The Mikey who entered as a boy is now a man and has been able to change his life thanks to Fenon. It was also at Fenon that Mikey says celebrities like Levixone, Karole Kasita and Apass told him he was funny and should try comedy. That was how Mikey joined Tiktok and it is also earning him some few shillings.

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