Tigan Cries For Rinah To Come Back

Singer Henry Tigan’s love life is in tatters once again after his ex Rinah Munira declined rekindling their romance.Declined: Rinah Munira Declined: Rinah Munira

Rinah, who had an on and off romance, decided to call it quits for good, after she caught Tigan flirting with city babes on his Facebook page. The couple wanted to work out their differences but Rinah looked at this as a simple excuse.

She knows Tigan can not stop his behavior and she has now decided to move on. Tigan’s efforts to get her back have fallen on a deaf ear after she revealed she can’t forgive him again and she is enjoying her single life before she considers her next step.

He has now resigned on getting her and has even told his friends that he has totally moved on from Rinah after failing to convince her to get back with him even though he was getting much of the financial support from her.


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