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Three lucky winners back from London Vodafone Uganda sponsored trip in the #ICreateTomorrow campaign

Three lucky winners who enjoyed a fully sponsored learning trip courtesy of Vodafone Uganda are back after exciting and learning experience in London. Three are; Darsan Ainembabazi, Cathy Namubiru and Chris Lutanga. These were the lucky winners in Vodafone’s ‘I Create Tomorrow’ campaign where people were required to post a video about themselves and the best would be chosen as winners for the fully paid trip to London.

The three winners at Vodafone headquarters in London
The three winners at Vodafone headquarters in London

The three winners had a trip to remember in London where they learnt a thing or two. The campaign’s harsh tag is #ICreateTomorrow


The winners also got a chance to visit Vodafone UK headquarters and met the CEO of Partner Markets, Diego Massidda and HR Director, Ronald Schellekens. They discussed how telcos are shaping the future in Africa and how are you using tech to create your tomorrow? #ICreateTomorrow.

Cathy during her London learning experience
Cathy during her London learning experience

“Lots of inspiration & hope for the future: precision medicine, implantables, AI, AR, VR, IoT, BigData and BlockChain! #gianthealthevent #icreatetomorrow @vodafoneug #londonstories,” Carthy Love one of the winners posted on her social media platforms.



What is #ICreateTomorrow all about?

It is a reminder that we are all responsible for shaping our own future. It’s a call to action to encourage the youth of Uganda to go out and create a future they are proud of.

The philosophy at Vodafone is that we all have the potential to do incredible things. With our network and technology we aim to make the journey to success a little easier.

To prove the seriousness about this, Vodafone has taken three lucky competition winners to London for a once in a lifetime experience. During their trip they are going to meet leaders and influencers in their fields, people who are using technology and creativity to change the future of their industry.


The trip is designed to inspire and enable the winners to create their own tomorrows, to build their own futures and strive to make Uganda a shining light of entrepreneurialism.

What’s Vodafone all about…

It’s hard to imagine a time when we weren’t connected. Now we are connected in many ways and Vodafone has been at the forefront of making this happen. Connectivity has now become essential like water or oxygen. And life with connectivity is better in so many ways.

In the super-connected digital world the real power is not what we do for people but what they can do as a result i.e. people communicating with their loved ones using multimedia, remote communities having access to education and building a better future, happy families enjoying their favorite content at home, businesses improving productivity and planning ahead, or just friends sharing a moment.

We connect people communities and businesses so they can live better every day and inspire them to capture the opportunities of the digital future and build a better tomorrow. This is going to be more important as technology and human behavior feed each other’s progress.


Meet the three lucky winners

Name: Darsan Ainembabazi

Profession: Artist and business student

His tomorrow: establishing a gallery and communal art space in Kampala to give a voice to the unheard creative industry.

Student and artist Darsan started his creative journey making small drawings in his school books before progressing to painting on canvas. He wants to create a gallery in Kampala that gives a voice to the unheard creative industry – establishing it as something better recognised and higher paid thus allowing Uganda’s art scene to flourish.

Name: Cathy Namubiru

Profession: Healthcare administrator

Her tomorrow: being at the helm of a Ugandan healthcare system that is open and accessible to everyone


Cathy is a Masters student of healthcare administration. Her tomorrow is at the helm of a Ugandan health care system that is accessible to all. She wants to obtain information and insight from her trip to London to help her drive the change that is so needed in Uganda.

Name: Chris Lutanga

Profession: Film-maker

His tomorrow: creating a film studio that helps untap the creative potential in the Ugandan youth

Self taught photographer, film maker and 3D artist Chris wants to learn from like-minded people to bring about change to young people in Uganda. His tomorrow involves creating a film studio that helps youths realise their dreams and untapped potential within the creative industries.


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