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This girl’s thighs need Fire Up the Pleasure Jets

When multi-ethnic hottie model sends a letter asking if you’d like to see her latest thigh treat shots there really isn’t a need to think of your answer. The catty crazy sextastic body model with the killer poses is something of a legend around these parts. The kind of legend where you close the door and tell people you can’t be disturbed for the next thirty minutes. Super legend.


Generally my thighs are the most appreciated part of my figure, so I thought I would let the world know I have some serious curves back here too.

There are ridiculously hot female forms and then there’s this girl who kind of has a great understanding of what men appreciate about that form. Self-awareness is so sexy in a woman. Especially when she’s half-naked and highlighting her epic thumper. I’m in lust all over again. Out to dinner, be back in tomorrow. Put that on the door. You’re going to want to cover anything valuable in plastic wrap. Amazing never comes clean. Do you know this lady, email us details to

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