‘There was no dossier or missive on M7’ – Odrek Rwabwogo

‘There was no dossier or missive on M7’ – Odrek Rwabwogo

Odrek Rwabwogo has quashed rumours that he wrote a dossier or missive calling on President Yoweri Museveni to step down for young blood.

Odrek Rwabwogo

Odrek said the article that run in Uganda’s leading Tabloid and attributed to him was not true. He said the work is his normal weekly movement ideology and mentorship column which runs in the New Vision every Monday.

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This is what he said;

1)  There was NO dossier or missive, as they crookedly chose to term it, which was specially written to anyone. The so-called dossier is a piece out of our normal weekly Movement Ideology and Mentorship column run in the New Vision every Monday.

2)  We have produced these pieces for 59 weeks so far with a detailed account of the history, values, foundations and application of the Movement Ideology through the times; including the generational challenges we face in learning, growing and adaptation to the changing times.

3)  We proffer for every piece what we think are solutions to adopt for the building of the Movement of tomorrow; we run through new ideas on re-tooling the economy, health, trade, science, education and governance to build a better Uganda. There was, therefore, no specialness about this piece, except for the cockeyed misrepresentation.

4)  I ask our readers and those who care for an informed and mature debate about the future of our country, to kindly ignore the so called dossier or missive. Thank you. Odrek Rwabwogo

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