There is need to equally analyze and speak against the culture of leaders in Africa who can never concede defeat

By Frank K. Tumwebaze

While many Political Pundits talk much and castigate incumbents that are always reluctant to hand over power, there is need to equally analyze and speak against the culture of those in Africa who can-never concede defeat.

The George Bush and AlGore dispute is one classic one to learn from. While it was clear that AlGore had very legitimate grievances, at the end of their Florida battle he quickly said; I concede: “What unites us as Americans is much bigger than what divides us.” He put America first and never threatened to mobilize his supporters for Street action and violence. These lessons should be instructive to all of us In the Political class. In an election both sides can’t win.

Frank K Tumwebaze

And for democracy to have its true meaning, losers must learn to accept defeat and contend with the sorrow associated with it, hoping that one day they shall emerge victors. Claims of rigging all the time especially at the tail end of the process when a winner has been determined doesn’t make sense. ‪We need to respect our electoral systems even when we lose.

The fact that an aspirant accepts to participate in a process is evidence enough that he/she approves the integrity of its managers. Making all sorts of unsubstantiated claims therefore at the end to discredit the system is not only contradictory but wrong. You cannot claim all the time that electoral managers are partial yet you continue to participate in the same elections they organize not only once or twice but thrice.

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