The Uganda Fish Festival – One Thing To Try Out Before The Year Ends

The Uganda Fish Festival – One Thing To Try Out Before The Year Ends

At this point in time, you have probably heard about, watched and/or attended a galore of festivals in Uganda, most promising much but not all delivering to expectations. When I first heard about the Uganda Fish Festival, I thought it was just like the others, till I had a chat with Betty Aliba, the Marketing Director at Perfect Events, who are the organizers of the #FishFest17 – she cleared all my doubts. I can confidently say I am looking forward to this much-anticipated event and no I am not jesting. In this festive season, the said festival is a good way to try out new things with friends and family, with no risk of getting it wrong.

First off, the venue, UWEC (Uganda Wildlife Education Center) is a beauteous place with immense memories. Remember those years in primary school when you would go on tours to the ‘Entebbe Zoo’? I am quite positive, that nostalgia is something you would like to re-live at least one more time. The ambiance there is extremely appealing; random Monkeys jumping around for bananas and belching at the satisfying aroma of deep-fried ‘ngege’ – alluring!

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Actually, I forgot to mention that all the species of fish that can be found in Lake Victoria will be up for munching. It is clear that those that will attend will be spoilt of choice. Nile Perch, Tilapia, Cat-fish and other species whose ‘scientific’ names I can hardly remember, will be on the menu.

“Do you reminisce that captivating taste of Nalongo’s ‘Mamba’ served with bars of fried cassava? Do you long to taste that ‘mpuuta’ that you last had on a road trip upcountry? Do you still have sweet dreams of the ‘nsonzi’ you used to fish with your peers back in the day? Or are you simply that guy who likes his ‘ngege’ the sleek old way? You are all covered.” These were the lucid words of Mrs. Aliba: making me believe that the shs. 5,000 for children and 10,000 for adults is more of a philanthropic offer.

And more interesting still, the Annual Corporate Beach Soccer Christmas Challenge will also be held simultaneously with the Festival – win-win for soccer lovers, right? Yes! Watching young people showcasing talent by the cool ocean breeze in the white sand can be therapeutic.

All I can say is, if there is any new thing I will ever try by the end of this year, it will be the Uganda Fish Festival at UWEC Entebbe, come December 17th 2017.

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