The story of Kabagarame Pork Market in Bushenyi District

Kabagarame Pork Market which operates once a week is a very interesting and innovative community intiative which has the potential to be a community tourism destination.

The market only opens on Saturday with over 5000 people turning up every Saturday to just eat pork and catch up.

A kilogram of pork at Kabagarame goes for sh12,000 with all its spices and ready to eat, matooke is for sh2000, kilogram (mingled millet) for sh2000 as well. A soda goes for sh1500, a beer at sh3000 whereas a litre of local brew known as tonto goes for sh4000 and this one is served in Uganda Waragi bottles.

The market began 24 years ago in 1995. it was started by two gentlemen, John Barugahare and Nshemereirwe Paulino who were popular butchers in the area then.

They built only one hut but overtime over 200 huts have been raised in this same area.

Kabagarame is located in Ruharo ward, Central Divison Bushenyi-Ishaka Municipality in Bushenyi District.

The word okugarama in Runyankole means to lie on your back after satisfaction, One of enthusiasts was a strong man called Beitomwe Muraahi also known as Kamurye whose popular saying gave this spot a name never to be forgotten. He used to say;

“Abantu kubaramare kurya empunu baze omukashayi bagarame” literally translated as when people finish having their pork, they should always go to the football pitch and lie stomachs up as he used to do with his drunken mates. The area gradually gained its popular name; Kabagarame.

Eat, drink, and relax facing the sky at Kabagarame , a local meeting place in Bushenyi District.

By Martin Rushegyera

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