The Rise And Fall Of Ugandan Night Clubs

The Rise And Fall Of Ugandan Night Clubs

“Atrocities” Being Committed At The Club Scenes

By Dixon Okello (OPINION)

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Most Ugandan clubs have serious problems, if they cannot learn to not only achieve a high customer base but maintain it. Asides from this typical Ugandan approach where it seems people just want to go to the most recent and hottest places, hence the migration of most “clubbers” from one place to the other, there are other pressing issues which if not dealt with would lead to the death of fun in the Ugandan nightspots. To begin with, I have to talk about the “atrocities” being committed at the club scenes. The instruments of such wicked and cruel act are:


These are the first people you meet at the club, the ones who decide who is fit and unfit to go into the club. Pardon me for thinking that the bouncers were there for security not for decision making. If they have to decide who goes in, then shouldn’t there be a guest list or at least some specifications that have to be met? It begins to look like the bouncers have turned the clubs into a family reunion where only those that fit into their “bribe pocket” can get in; otherwise you get insulted and disrespected. There should be hostesses around who determines gets into the club.Guvnor Uganda

Guvnor Uganda

Customer Service

When you do manage to get past the annoying bouncers, you are set to have a good unwind, right? Wrong! The bar attendants and bar hostesses have the worst customer approach. Most of these clubs do not train their staff and also seem to forget the very important business ethic: “The customer is always right”. You get someone waiting on you with not even as much as a smile. Not only that, she reluctantly gets you your order, gives you the daggers if you as much as require her more than two times.

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There should be training for all the staff members and if they have to be made to smile for two hours on end just to get used to it, then so be it.

However, it seems that these clubs are too concerned with putting out their competition that they do not pay attention to their customers.


Entertainment is all about fun and variety. The only way to keep your customers intrigued is to spice things up. I mean, even in a relationship, the most scheduled institution in the world needs to be spiced up. Please add varieties to your clubs .

Club Silk

Club Silk

Come on! Give us themed nights; you know, the ladies night, Lingala, campus nights, masked, old school nights, all that jazz etc. Make us look forward to the next nights and weeks. Make me feel like I missed something tangible when I do not go to your club.


Another very important business ethic is that it pays to sell your goods lower than your competitors. Not surprisingly, our club owners seem to think the other way round. It seems the news of recession has eluded them and the stories of global crisis have somehow managed not to appear on their T.V. Reducing the prices of your drinks would attract more LOYAL customers. Nobody wants to go to a club that has the most ridiculous prices and nothing special or different to offer.


You want to sell your club. Let people know what sets it apart from all other clubs. Of course, you do have to do something to set your club apart .

Club Venom

Club Venom

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