The plight of Ugandan LGBT upon their home return

The plight of Ugandan LGBT upon their home return

After learning about Serunkuuma’s unfortunate detention and imprisonment in Luzira prison, our snoops embarked on a search to find out what really happens to Ugandan LGBT people when they return back home voluntarily or by deportation.

We learnt that many are quietly rotting in prisons and have not been brought to court to face justice, no one is willing to represent or fight for them. Their family members always refuse to accept and protect them because most are either scared of the police and the public, or they are against them and are willing to report them to the police.

When we talked to Samuel Opio of Queer Uganda, he expressed his fears and called upon all international bodies to help protect Ugandan LGBT both at home and abroad. He shared with us names of individuals that appeared on a police most wanted list that was published a while ago. Unfortunately, the LGBTQ fugitives appeared together with known criminals in the country.

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Our research so far has revealed that seven known gays and lesbians form SMUG Uganda are in Kigo and Luzira prisons. Some of these were arrested upon arrival at Entebbe international airport or after a little while upon their return from abroad. These include: Kakembo Ronald from Belgium, Shamim from Norway, Ssekubuge Anthony from Europe, Sentamu hassan from UK, Namugozi from UK
Serunkuma medie from Canada, Ackyaye Patrick from Amsterdam Netherlands,
Nabajja from Brussels Belgium. Some of these are said to have appeared of previous police wanted lists and were easily identified upon arrival.

The following are on a Police wanted list;


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