The luxurious life of Mimi’s boss baby

The luxurious life of Mimi’s boss baby

Mimi Napeshirah aka Mimi De Boss Chic is truly living large in the United States and this can be seen through her ways of spending.

The socialite has made her child Maynard Lubega aka boss baby have a luxurious life. Mimi has spent huge amounts of dollars pampering her child with expensive lot of stuffs.

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Lubega sleeps in Louis Vuitton’s bed (Lv), a machine makes her milk, spends her time sitting in Bean bag full of dolls.

She chills on vocation time besides the pool, she has Bentley car, brandy shoes. She chill looks cute in rob next her mom’s bed and sleeps with an iPad.


Mimi also drives her boss baby in brand new Suv Mercedes Benz GL when taking her for Day care with her sister


Below are some of the videos showing how she is living large;



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