The Johnnie Walker Bottle Turn Up Experience Returns to Bars, Delighting Whisky Lovers

The Johnnie Walker Bottle Turn Up Experience Returns to Bars, Delighting Whisky Lovers

The wait is over for whisky enthusiasts in Kampala as the highly anticipated Johnnie Walker Bottle Turn Up Experience is making a triumphant return to their favorite hangout spots.

Kicking off this past weekend at select bars around the city, whisky lovers gathered at Thrones, Melly Mpala, Samitto on Saturday, and concluded with an exhilarating event at Isabella Bar in Ntinda on Sunday.

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The Johnnie Walker Bottle Turn Up Experience proved to be a truly immersive and memorable affair, providing whisky connoisseurs with an extensive selection of the world-renowned whisky to indulge in.

Guests were treated to an exquisite array of Johnnie Walker products, catering to every palate and mood, ensuring that each whisky lover found their perfect match among the prestigious collection.

Christine Kyokunda, the Johnnie Walker Brand Manager, expressed her excitement for the event, saying, “Bottle tun up is a fulfilled experience where whisky lovers get to indulge a bit more as they enjoy their whisky. During the experience, we have the full range of Johnnie Walker products available to suit every palate and mood for the day.”

Beyond the exceptional whisky selection, the Johnnie Walker Bottle Turn Up Experience also provided guests with exciting themed cocktails adding an extra layer of delight to their whisky enjoyment.

At Melly Guests where treated Johnnie Colada a mixture of Johnnie Walker red label, Simple syrup, lemon juice & Pina Colada juice, and for those that loved it stronger the Black Sour was the cocktail of choice; a mix of Johnnie Walker Black Label, lemon juice, simple syrup and pineapple juice.

However, at the Highlight was at Isabella where guests were treated to the Johnnie & Ginger while watch and Listening to the fine tunes of Fauti Band who took guests on a journey of musical bliss, performing top charting hits that got revelers on the dance floor as they enjoyed their whisky of big flavour.

As a token of appreciation, participants were gifted with unique Johnnie Walker branded goodies that came with every purchase, allowing them to take a piece of the unforgettable experience home with them.

“Additionally,” Kyokunda added, “we offer luxurious bottle service, where you get to be served like a king or queen by our gracious hostesses. The Johnnie Walker Bottle Turn Up Experience promises a truly regal and delightful experience from start to finish.”

Excitement is mounting as Johnnie Walker lovers can anticipate weekly Bottle Turn Up events at different carefully selected hangout spots around Kampala. These gatherings are part of the ongoing Walker Town experiences designed to bring together whisky enthusiasts from all walks of life to share in their passion for the exceptional spirit and get a chance to discover the big and delicious flavour in Johnnie Walker.

Stay tuned and be on the lookout for announcements regarding upcoming Bottle Turn Up events, as they promise to deliver the finest whisky moments and create unforgettable memories.

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