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The 20-year old sexy babe tells of how she’s been making love to husbands of female presenters while watching them live on TV

Meet the young Girl who has been frustrating the Kenyan presenters’ marriages

A chilling confession of a 20 year old sexy babe who has slept with husbands of Kenyan TV Female presenters while watching them live on screens has left Kenya in shock.

The girl, whose name we cannot reveal, comes from a very wealthy family. She lives in Nairobi City where she runs her own businesses including; sale of beauty products which gives her close to 1000 USD per day after tax.

“I started sleeping around with the husbands to media ladies who would ignore me on social media. Basically the best time would be at 6-10pm when I know the wives weren’t around and for the safety of the guys; I would wait for them in my house.

I used to film all our intimate moments and I have stored them well in my safe which no one can access.

So far I have slept with 8 husbands who are married to media personalities and what I like most is having our good time as we watch their wives live on air on prime time reading the news.

Since we were good at timing and I knew when the wives would come back, we would make love and make sure that I do this each time I would be suggest that the “wife” was going to be on live shows.

From this, I have made over 200,000 USD as their husbands would pay for my silence. This has gone on for the past two months. I feel this is not a bad sum of cash because we always have it on mutual agreement, and besides the men die to have me though am always very specific on the kind of men I date.



I would like to apologize to the hearts of the married women whose hearts I have broken, though what I can say is that its life and there is nothing I can do about it.

Ladies please forgive me for messing up. I am young and naive and also I love making quick money given to me kindly by your men. I confess”.

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