Texas-based Cameroonian artist Dr Okwen releases his debut single titled ‘Nwa Kwa’ which means ‘Good Child ‘

Texas-based Cameroonian artist Dr Okwen releases his debut single titled ‘Nwa Kwa’ which means ‘Good Child ‘

A heartfelt tribute to a child’s triumph over autism. The song tells the story of a palm wine tapper’s wife who gives birth to an autistic child. The child regains full communication and everyone is happy and partying.

It was originally recorded in Lagos in 1992 and has been hidden for 30 years. Dr Okwen is now ready to share his music with the world and encourage people to trust their path whilst staying true to their vision. His debut single ‘Nwa Kwa’ is currently the most played Moghamo song in the world with over 2 million views on Youtube.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBm2GAuc2lw With “Nwa Kwa,” Okwen delivers a powerful message of hope and perseverance. ‘I want the world to hear the beauty of African language and culture.In the case of this song it is a contribution to mankind in Moghamo.’

Dr Okwen is no ordinary dentist, he is a multi Instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer on a remarkable journey of self actualization, celebration across 3 decades and 3 continents. Dr Okwen has 2 private practices , 1488 Dental in North Houston and MB2 MicroSurgery also in Texas.He sits on the board of Directors for the American Association of Endodontics (AAE) with responsibility in the US and around the globe.

The release of “Nwa Kwa” marks an important milestone in Dr Okwens career as a musician. With a growing fan base and reputation for creating inspiring music as a form of socio-cultural engagement , he is quickly becoming a rising star bringing Moghamo music to the world stage.He is on a mission to inspire, share the joy and beauty of his heritage in so doing becoming a de Facto Moghamo Cultural Ambassador.

“I wrote ‘Nwa Kwa’ to celebrate the incredible strength and determination of those who overcome autism,” said Okwen. “I want this song to inspire people to believe in the power of hope and never give up on their dreams, no matter how challenging they may seem.” Okwen’s powerful vocals and uplifting lyrics are accompanied by nostalgic melodies, synths, palm wine guitar riffs , an infectious groove that underscores the song’s message of hope and optimism.

The self produced track demonstrates the dexterity of the artist as a talented multi instrumentalist with a well seasoned passion for creating good music. In tune with his humanitarian efforts as part of the ‘NWA KWA’ release campaign Dr Okwen will be announcing a Smile Challenge on his social media, which encourages people to send their best smile video with Nwa kwa playing in the background. The Winner with the best smile will get a 1000 Dollars cash prize and the Winner of the worst smile will get an all expenses paid trip to his dental practice in Houston, Texas. The single is now available on all major streaming platforms.


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