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Tarehe Sita in pictures as President M7 tells men & women in uniform to maintain discipline

On Thursday 6th February 2020, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni  graced the 39th Tarehe Sita celebrations at Butalangu Grounds, Nakaseke District.

The president called upon the men and women in uniform to uphold and maintain the discipline and the good relationship that the UPDF has cultivated with our wananchi.

The theme for this year’s Tarehe Sita celebrations is a good one because it is about consolidating. It aims at maintaining and deepening the discipline as well as serving the people.

“I am glad we have finally succeeded in building the Army from the people and for the people. However, as usual, when you put milk in the container and you leave it there, flies can contaminate it if not well covered.

If a fly falls in the milk, you cannot take it. Therefore, UPDF must guard against contamination because all good things can be contaminated.

While the Army has brought about peace, it must now seek to be an agent of social transformation that would entail encouraging the civilians to participate in commercial agriculture as opposed to subsistence farming.

The biggest enemy we have today are people who have big chunks of land but carry out subsistence farming. The campaign must be about food security and to remove people out of poverty. We must also add factories that can help process agricultural products and then add services, ICT,” M7 said.

Former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi together with former Vice President Prof. Gilbert Bukenya attended the function.

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