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Laika Umuhoza shakes up Kampala Creme with her stellar debut!

Denzel Shantel- March 5, 2024

Hold onto your seats, folks, because the Ugandan reality TV sensation, Kampala Creme, just dropped a bombshell that has caused a frenzy all over town! ... Read More

Juliet Zawedde consoles Zahara Toto, tells her ‘All shall be fine’

Denzel Shantel- August 14, 2020

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Juliet Zawedde has reached out to her friend Zahara Toto and consoled her in the wake of her collapsed relationship with Don ... Read More

Zahara Totto, Boyfriend Toni took off from Skyz Hotel without paying the bill

Denzel Shantel- November 3, 2019

Television personality and socialite Zahara Toto’s new man is in trouble after failing to clear his bill at Skyz Hotel Naguru. Suleman Toni Taban is ... Read More

Ladies who lit up Kampala social scene in 2018 revealed

Denzel Shantel- January 6, 2019

2018 is gone but not forgotten!!!! As a media house, we have a list of ladies who kept Kampala social scene lit with their appearances, ... Read More

Zahara pens an emotional goodbye letter to NTV

Denzel Shantel- October 2, 2018

Zahara Totto has penned an emotional good bye letter to NTV/Spark TV after leaving the station. Zahara and Ana9talia have been co-hosting 'Live Wire', a ... Read More

Zahara Totto joins Space Lounge

Denzel Shantel- November 2, 2016

Former Club Play PRO Zahara Totto has joined the newly opened Space Lounge formerly Club Rouge as the new Marketing Manager and PR, we can ... Read More

Why Spark TV’s presenter Zahara was fired from Club Play

Anthony Nash- November 1, 2016

The reason as to why Socialite and Television personality Zahara Totto was fired from Club has surfaced. Toto lost her job as Public Relations Officer ... Read More

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