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Le Touareg Bar & Grill introduces Talent Search

Denzel Shantel- October 2, 2022

Nakulabye based hangout Le Touareg Bar and Grill has introduced Talent Search every Thursday. Registration is free with grand prize of 2,000,000. To enter you ... Read More

Party and enjoy at Cas Bar and Restaurant Kansanga

Denzel Shantel- March 15, 2022

Cas Bar and Restaurant is these days the place to be as the party never stops at the hangout. The Lounge located in Kansanga next ... Read More

Freaky Tuesday set to fire up Power King Hotel Kasubi

Denzel Shantel- February 1, 2022

This Tuesday all roads lead to Power King Hotel Kasubi as Quin Mona hosts 'Freaky Tuesday'.  Don't miss video and audio premieres of new songs ... Read More

Camprine Cosmetics here to sort your skin issues

Denzel Shantel- January 23, 2022

Quin Mona is the new brand ambassador of Camprine Cosmetics which deals in lotions and soaps to smooth your body. If you are a lady ... Read More

Meet Quin Mona, the new queen of night hosting in Kampala

Denzel Shantel- January 13, 2022

With official reopening of bars a week away after two year closure, bars are warming up to battle for clients with enticing theme nights. Quin ... Read More

Quin Mona cracks a deal with Power King Hotel, to host Freaky Tuesdays night    

Denzel Shantel- January 13, 2022

Celebrated city socialite Quin Mona has cracked a mega deal with Power King Hotel Kasubi.  She will be hosting Freaky Tuesdays alongside Deejay Mark. Come ... Read More

Quin Mona to host Good Friday party at Nyungu Yamawe Forest Park

Denzel Shantel- March 28, 2021

City top socialite queen, Quin Mona will host Good Friday celebrations at Nyungu Yamawe Forest Park in Kitukutwe Bulindo Kira. The top queen is mega ... Read More

“I want to spend my birthday naked and having sex all day – Quin Mona

Anthony Nash- March 28, 2018

City socialite and model, Quin Mona, has revealed that she will spend her upcoming birthday naked with her babe having sex all day. The sexy ... Read More

Socialite Quin Mona displays camel toe

Arafat Ndugga- December 24, 2017

City socialite Quin Mona is surely proud of what her mama gave her and she is not scared of showing it off.  The social media ... Read More

Kampala hottie Quin Mona thongs out boobs and thighs

Anthony Nash- November 21, 2017

‘Cheers to the men we love and those we de-tooth.. May they never meet’ Far be it from me to provide commentary on Quin Mona’s ... Read More

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