Tag: Johnnie Walker Highball Tour

Gulu Party animals get a taste of the Johnnie Walker Highball as tour makes northern Debut

Denzel Shantel- October 28, 2019

Gulu: Gulu party animals will surely live to remember Saturday night as the day the town exploded with the biggest party during the Johnnie Walker ... Read More

Johnnie Walker Highball tour heads to Gulu this Saturday

Denzel Shantel- October 22, 2019

The Johnnie Walker Highball tour sets its eyes on Gulu After a successful start to the Highball tour that took place last month in Mbale, ... Read More

Selector Jay excites fans at the launch of Johnnie Walker Highball Tour

Denzel Shantel- September 20, 2019

Kampala: Renowned DJ Selector Jay made Thursday night a day to remember for the excited revelers that flocked the famous La Paronis Bar and Restaurant to ... Read More

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