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‘Joel needs rehabilitation, he will run mad soon’- Natie K

Denzel Shantel- February 22, 2019

Radio personality and Professor Joel Isabirye is in the news again after his latest marriage collapsed. He accused his ex-wife Natie K Hipscious Kylar Nicky ... Read More

‘Joel gives me peace of mind’ – Nicole  

Denzel Shantel- October 3, 2018

City curvy socialite Nicole aka Hipscious Kylar Nicky is truly in love with radio expertise Joel Isabirye. She has revealed to us that Joel gives ... Read More

Why our marriage fell apart: Joel Isabirye responds to Rebecca Jjingo’s Mwasuze Mutya claims which led to the dissolution of their marriage  

Denzel Shantel- June 12, 2017

I have just seen two video recordings of Rebecca Jjingo making claims about our marriage which after a bit of reflection I think need to ... Read More

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