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‘Suudiman you are an attention seeking failure’, Zink tells off Suudiman over attacks on Bryan White Foundation singers

Singer Jose Chameleone’s International manager Fred Zink has described music promoter Suudiman as a total failure at his age. He said Suudiman has milked Uganda music industry and then he ran out to Jamaica. Zink was replying Suudiman post on Facebook accusing singers under Bryan White Foundation of disrespecting the industry.


Zink said Suudiman at his age should not be seeking for attention and Facebook likes.

“As a sketcher at your age, you should not seek for attention and Facebook likes you as a man you have tried on everything in this music industry milking it and reaching to an extent to blocker for Jamaican artists to out compete the locals, you failed. You   tried out real estate from your inheritance, you failed, you tried out management you failed and now you are a Blogger and I can assure you again, you will fail. Please don’t waste your degree which you took on student loan in America by reasoning like a kid.

Artists are there to help brands gain promotion and inspiration, if Hamilton wears Agip badge or Diamond splashes belier and yet he is a Muslim or Obama putting on NASA uniform is that news to you man, get a life or real job let the Bryan White Foundation artists be,” Zink replied.

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