Susan Nava On Her Thrill In The All New ‘Beneath The Lies’

Susan Nava On Her Thrill In The All New ‘Beneath The Lies’

We continue our exclusive interviews with actors of ‘Beneath The Lies’, the new TV series that premieres next month. We tracked down Susan Nava to tell us about how she played her role and her life in acting. Read on…


SB: Who is Susan Nava?
Susan Nava: Well, an aspiring humanitarian, actress & business woman.

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SB: Tell us about your role in ‘Beneath The Lies?
Susan Nava: Oh, my role in Beneath the Lies! I play Ali – an “enforcer” – she’s a troubled character that is part of a criminal gang in Uganda. She’s a torture expert and assassin for hire.

SB: How do you find it?
Susan Nava: Well, it is different from my normal (laughs). But it’s a well-written script and I find it easy to understand this character because most of her actions, evil as they are, are actions based on loyalty to her boss, Suna (played by Raba Daba) and loyalty is a trait that I can relate to. I mean, the fact that my character is not as dark as hers can be challenging… but in the right environment, and being surrounded by talented actors… You channel the energy you need to fulfill the role.

SB: How do you rate the show in relation to other local series?
Susan: In terms of quality, not only will it supersede Ugandan standards and expectations, but East African standards as well. Quality and production is an aspect we did not compromise on and I believe that the episodes will be a reflection of that Quality in production.


SB: What’s your comment on Uganda music industry?
Susan Nava: There’s so much talent in the industry. And lately, there are options for musicians who need management. Kinetic is doing a great job with its rooster.

SB: So where do you see yourself in five years, and how do you rate yourself at the moment?
Susan Nava: You know, over the years I’ve learnt that God’s will has priority over mine. But if I could magically look into the future and see my life five years from now, hopefully the picture would include
good health, a successful career and a happy family. And how I rate myself at the moment? Hmm.. Every day is rated against the day before. Today, I’m a God-fearing and hardworking person who is blessed with another day to do what she loves in life.

SB: What has been your challenge in the role?
Susan Nava: I don’t know how to answer this without giving away any spoilers, Willy. Let’s just say, I do A LOT of killing in the show, (laughs). Being evil is quite challenging.


SB: What does it feel to work with such a class of people?
Susan Nava: It is a humbling experience. Everyone on set offers something new to the project so, in many ways, it feels like a stamp of approval. This cast is a collection of some of the country’s most
gifted individuals, to be included is priceless motivation.

SB: What should fans expect from you and then from ‘Beneath The Lies’?
Susan Nava: Fans should expect me back on TV, in character as someone completely different. Hopefully they won’t dislike me after, (giggles). ‘Beneath The Lies’ will be the kind of story that everyone can relate to so everyone should expect to be entertained by what is bound to be the best from Ugandan television.

Susan Nava during the Beneath The Lies action

Susan Nava during the Beneath The Lies action

SB: What is your last message?
Susan Nava: For everyone who hasn’t seen the trailer, look for it on YouTube or catch it Urban TV. The show will premiere on December 15th. Keep up with the rest of the cast on our Facebook page – ‘Beneath The Lies’ and I can be found on twitter; @_Susan_Nava.

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