Surprise, Shock as Big Brother Cancels Nominations

Surprise, Shock as Big Brother Cancels Nominations

Biggie to announce evicted housemates only to voting public

Kemen, Marvis sentenced to isolation

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Bally and Bisola’s immunity withdrawn for this week

This week’s nomination show took an unexpected turn when Big Brother canceled all the nominations by the housemates, saying he would decide who would be evicted come Sunday night.

The decision came after Big Brother exposed a plot between Kemen and Marvis in a video he played on screen to the housemates. A furious Big Brother sentenced Kemen and Marvis to the isolation booth and also, withdrew Bisola and Bally’s earned advantages. Meanwhile, Big Brother had earlier in the day issued a warning to fake housemates, Jon and Ese, after he screened their conspiracy and scolded them for breaking the rules.

The gloom in the house was palpable as the housemates are now at the mercy of Big Brother, who will not be revealing the identities of the housemates for possible eviction to them but will share the information with the voting public.

Interestingly, a look at the nomination results shows that fake housemates – Ese and Jon – had the highest number of nominations. Ese was nominated by Uriel, Marvis, Debie-rise, Bassey, Efe and Kemen; while Bally, Uriel, Debie-rise and Kemen nominated Jon. Perhaps the surprising twist was that Thin Tall Tony (TTT) did not have one single nomination and Uriel recorded her highest ever nomination nods. TBoss, TTT, Ese and Bisola put her up for possible eviction. However, these results will no longer hold, as Big Brother will make his selection for the week.

With viewers wondering what ‘Biggie’ could possibly be up to, the countdown to Sunday night’s eviction on 26 February has officially begun.

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