Still about the UB40 Feat Ali Campbell concert

Still about the UB40 Feat Ali Campbell concert

As NBS television celebrated 15 years in the media industry at Kololo Independence grounds on Saturday with a historic concert dubbed “Nobody Can Stop Reggae” there is so much to remember.

The highlight of the night was undoubtedly Ali Campbell and the Band’s entrance to the stage, which was met with excitement from the crowd. His unmistakable presence and timeless hits mesmerized the audience, transporting them through decades of musical nostalgia with each song.

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Talent Africa Group, the organizers of the show outdid themselves from the sound quality that enveloped the entire venue to the detail in the audio and production that ensured that every note resonated with crystal clarity to the audience.

The stage layout. Crafted in a unique tent design draped with reggae yellow, red, and green colors, all guests enjoyed a clear view of the performances from any vantage point.

Platinum and Gold tables were sold out by 9:00 pm. The exclusivity of the event was further enhanced by Ushers who seamlessly guided guests to their designated tables and seats.

Talent Africa Group known for their detail to security made sure this concert was no different. Uganda Police and private security companies made sure that every guest and their property was safe, allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in the music without any worries for their property.

The Castle Lite experience was another highlight of the night, where attendees had the opportunity to indulge in complimentary Castle Lite beverages, adding a refreshing touch to the evening’s festivities. CFAO Motors Toyota played a vital role in ensuring guests arrived and departed in comfort and style,
Tag ticketing worked together with MTN MOMO and ensured that attendees were able to purchase tickets seamlessly, and have a hassle-free entry into the concert venue.

Overall, the Ali Campbell featuring UB40 concert in Uganda was a resounding success and as Ali Campbell belted out hit after hit, the energy in the venue reached a fever pitch, with fans singing along and dancing in unison to the iconic reggae rhythms leaving a historic mark on all who were fortunate enough to witness his performance live.

Talent Africa Group and NBS television continue to express their gratitude to all sponsors and partners including MTN MoMo, Sheraton Hotel, Toyota by CFAO, Radio 1, Capital Outdoor, Afromobile, and more who contributed tremendously towards making this show a success.

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