Stella Mwangi’s single “Work” ranked on Italy’s Top 100 Radio Charts

Stella Mwangi’s single “Work” ranked on Italy’s Top 100 Radio Charts

Norwegian artiste Stella Mwangi is once again breaking new ground – this time in Italy! The fifth single off her super successful self-titled EP WORK is currently ranked at number 18 on the Italian Top 100 Radio charts.

Stella Mwangi

Since its premiere in Italy in March, WORK has been creating a buzz and is on high rotation. The track is still buzzing and has become the Number 1 Dance track from Independent Italy at the moment.

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WORK – #18 on the Independent Chart

WORK – #19 on the Dance Chart

WORK – Stella Mwangi is on TOP 100 overall

Earlier in the year, WORK was also picked to create promotional material for the TommyLand Concert organized by world-renowned fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger and American supermodel Gigi Hadid in Los Angeles. Additionally, it is also the official theme song for Reebok Classics “Free Your Style” campaign, 2017.

Stella Mwangi’s self-titled EP has landed several Hollywood gigs making her one of the most successful East African artistes in the music business of licensing in Hollywood. Her unique and authentic sound continues to spark interest from Kenya to Hollywood to Europe.



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