StartTimes launches new channel ‘StarTimes Go’

StartTimes launches new channel ‘StarTimes Go’

StarTimes continues to thrive in business and the latest on our desk has it that they have launched a new channel called ‘StarTimes Go channel’.

The channel is aimed at boosting the recently launched StarTimes Go and is dedicated to 24/7 broadcast of products hence bringing e-shopping to customers at less or even no extra internet costs.

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StarTimes Go is dedicated to providing an integrated platform through TV shopping, online shopping and phone-call shopping, while featuring the door-to-door delivery and installation service.

Speaking at the launch of this TV channel, the Marketing Director for StarTimes Uganda, Isma Lule noted that this new wave of online shopping is one of the many ways StarTimes wants to improve TV experience. He noted that TV should not be used for entertainment, but also for education as now exhibited, shopping.

The channel which will broadcast 24/7, will air a wide variety of quality affordable products ranging from electrical, home appliances, general hygiene products among others.

This channel is also aimed at breaking the monotony where people expected online shopping to be via internet-aided gadgets. This is because, upon subscription, one can watch this channel, all day all night.

The Spokes Person for StarTimes, Christine Nagujja added that StarTimes is dedicated to ensuring that Ugandans have quality products delivered in a timely manner.

For someone to enjoy the StarTimes Go products and services, they should watch the StarTimes Go TV channel. When they see a product they desire, they will either call our StarTimes Go callcentre on +25670111721 or visit our shop online on Or customers can also order on StarTimes ON App or visit us on our official Facebook page, StarTimes Uganda, for more information.

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