StarTimes launches StarTimes Inside BlackArk  TV

StarTimes launches StarTimes Inside BlackArk TV

StarTimes Uganda, yesterday launched a partnership with U home Holindings – Tiantang Group on a TV brand – StarTimes Inside BlackArk TV.

This innovation comes with StarTimes Inside, a technology that connects you to StarTimes TV channels without need for a decoder. It connects to both antenna and satellite signals anywhere across the country and gives access to over 300 channels.

Unlimited Internet - Uganda

The StarTimes Inside BlackArk TV is designed to work on both electricity and battery, a feature that is often sought as the solution to the frequent power black outs in urban areas while also meeting the demand for rural communities where electricity is a luxury. The unique feature that makes the StarTimes Inside BlackArk TV to standout from other available brands in the market is it’s wide voltage range (11V – 15V) which makes it capable of resisting power fluctuations.

In addition the TV is built with a metallic body for additional protection and has a strong motherboard which makes it able to resist internal heating. For now, the StarTimes Inside BlackArk TV is available in 32 inch in all StarTimes branches countrywide and at selected dealer outlets for an attractive price. A new connection comes with 1 month of StarTimes subscription.

“StarTimes Inside BlackArk TV is board less, it can be used in families with and without access to hydro power, we are proud to collaborate with a brand that makes it possible for Ugandans to enjoy the beauty of digital TV, AC / DC, plus StarTimes Inside technology. StarTimes Inside BlackArk TV will revolutionize TV entertainment” Said Jesse,Vice President of U home Holindings, under Tiantang Group.

StarTimes Vice President said, “We welcome this cooperation with BlackArk TV as it is one of the innovations we have brought into this Pay TV space to revolutionize the industry as we make it increasingly easier for Ugandans to access and enjoy digital television at an affordable price.”

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