Starqt Awards Set For 2015 Premiere Party

Starqt Awards Set For 2015 Premiere Party

The annual Starqt Awards are set to rock Ugandans living and working in South Africa again. The awards meant for recognizing contributions of Ugandans living in South Africa is set to premiere on the 30th of May at Johannesburg City Hall, Gauteng in South Africa.Stella Nankya, host of Starqt AwardsStella Nankya, host of Starqt Awards

Fashion designer Stella Nankya, the awards proprietor told Showbiz Uganda that the awards are meant for Unity, recognition and networking with excellence.

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The 2015 awards ceremony will take place on 5th September at the above hall. For more details about nominations and how to join the awards, you check www.starqt.comStarqt awards poster showing this year's premiere and ceremony dates Starqt awards poster showing this year’s premiere and ceremony dates

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