Star promoter Mary Ingabire in tawoo

Star promoter Mary Ingabire in tawoo

Mary Ingabire of Mary Ingabire Global Events is in town ahead of her Global Cultural Event slated for 13th August 2017 at Uganda Museum.

The award winning event promoter and manager arrived in the country on Sunday night. Mary is here to oversee preparations for the first ever Global cultural festival in Uganda.

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Mary Ingabire is in Kampala for her event slated for 13th August at Uganda Museum

Mary said she is excited to be the host of the culture themed event that will bring together hundreds of different cultural groups. “I want to make this event a memorable one and that’s why i have come early to make sure everything go as planned,” she added.

Global cultural event is one of the Biggest Events in Uganda this year organised by the number one award winning international promoter.

To prove her work, you must be there on 13th August at the Uganda Museum and witness for yourself. Entrance fee is 5k for kids, 10k for adults, 500k for a stall, 1m for a VIP Table and 1.5m for a Tent.

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