Spice Diana lights up Hoima Tusker Lite Neon Party

Spice Diana lights up Hoima Tusker Lite Neon Party

Hoima: May’s Tusker Lite Neon Party series took the partying to Hoima City, Uganda’s land of oil with Spice Diana as the headlining performer of the night.

Party lovers thronged Hoima Resort to be part of the iconic Neon green themed party series, which intend to go to major towns and cities across the country to add some flavor and light up their nightlife and hangout spots.

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Clad in a big white tee and short shorts, the star of the night stood out beautifully on stage and was welcomed with thunderous roars and cheers from her fans.

With a Tusker Lite in hand, for almost everyone in attendance, the party goers egged Spice Diana on during her performance as she owned her stage and worked her crowd with popular songs like “Jangu Ondabe”, “Anti Kale” and “Kokonya”.

The crowd particularly went into a frenzy when the Dj played Omusheshe; they sang along word for word, and a few daring fans even jumped onto the stage and had a chance to share the mic and also danced with the songstress.

“Hoima has been an amazing experience. People turned up with a lot of energy and brought this party to life. I must say without a doubt that Hoima people really know how to own a party. Thank you Hoima for making the Tusker Lite Neon Party an exceptionally fun one,” said Elizabeth Mutamuliza, the Tusker Lite Brand Manager, UBL.

The party went on into the wee hours of Saturday morning, with DJ Jack who kept fans on their feet. A few lucky party animals got a chance to walk away with Tusker Lite goodies that included bags, jumpers, and beer, after winning in fun activities like basketball and fooseball, that are part of the Neon Parties.

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