Socialite Sera Ponde nude photos leaked to social media

Socialite Sera Ponde nude photos leaked to social media

By Jonah Kirabo

Nudes nudes nudes nudes nude and more nude!!!! Socialite Sera Ponde is apparently on hiding after her nude photos nudes were leaked to social media by a love rival. It is suspected that photos could have been leaked by the wife of sugar daddy. The pictures are currently making rounds in various WhatsApp groups.

Unlimited Internet - Uganda


Our sources revealed that Ponde sent these nudes to her sugar daddy who sponsors her lavish life style and a ladies Boutique before the bitter wife of her sugar daddy landed on them and decided to teach her a lesson by releasing them to various social media outlets and groups. In the pictures, she is seen tickling her phone as the cameraman took them while in the other; she is seen making some tempting love message.


Sera Ponde doubles as a student at the Nakawa based Makerere University Business School (MUBS) where she reportedly applied for a dead year over accumulated retakes. We shall keep you posted on the latest developments about her!!

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