Socialite Julia warns his ex Bukenya

New York based Ugandan socialite Julia Micheals aka Kawalya has warned his ex Zein Bukenya of referring to her as a bitch. In a length Facebook post, Julia said she is tired and sick of Bukenya referring to her as a frog or a bitch. Below is the post on her wall;


Zein am going to address you today as a Christian, if any one doesn’t like it block me or better yet don’t follow me! First of all I would like to congratulate you on your new found love, six weeks ago you were here talking to me about married and referring to me as Mrs Bukenya, I am sick and tired of you referring to me as a “frog” or a “bitch” what does that make your unborn child a tadpole or a puppy! I may be the wrong one now but I was the best of the very best four months ago, so even the right one now I give her two months! I think I have been there for you since California, you confided your fears and all! You demanded for a child, despite the doctor saying it wasn’t safe less than a year out, you have never made a medical appointment! You don’t know if you having a disabled child, what sex you are having you don’t even know the due date! Your disrespect of me really needs to stop! Sometimes we have to be quite and think back to what the processes of our life are! I thank God someone else has fallen for your “love” because in three months she will be in tears and not me! I have known you for close to twenty years so I know exactly what am talking about, this never ending cycle of the current one is the best! I think you as a man have failed in my book at least, to even offer emotional support to an expecting mum that I will take after all you only invest your time Nga OYIINA wofunila Naaye I won’t let you make posts putting me down as if you are an angel! Its so nice to see you have dates in the “Outfit” you were supposed to get married in to me, at least the rings have not gone to waste! Good luck my brother as I called and cared about you for many years! It is not what is done it is how things are done! God bless you!,” Julia posted.





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