Socialite Bridgette Scoops TNS PRO Job

Party gal Bridgette Samuellz is the new Public Relations Officer (PRO) of Team No Sleep aka #TNS. The socialite was appointed a few weeks ago by the CEO Jeff Kiwanuka.Bridgette SamuellzBridgette Samuellz

Team No Sleep is a combination of singers and socialites that promote Jeff’s interests in his new Good Lyfe team and parties all night long daily. It has members like  Sheebah Karungi, Allan Kiwanuka, Bush, Akay47, Bakri, Pallaso, Lydia Jazzmine King Saha, Sam Mukasa, Kim swagga, Brigette Samuellz and CEO Jeff Kiwanuka. They also embark on promoting musicians under the management of Jeff.

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